Are finn and jack dating

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Fans Are #Shipping Two 'IT' Stars Together And They're Really Not Here For It

That was gross. That's good that she apologised, it's weird but Inappropriate treatment of the young Stranger Things cast has been a hot topic in recent days, with stars including the Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner condemning an adult fan who took to social media criticising Wolfhard for walking past him while he waited outside of his hotel hoping for a picture. A Buzzfeed article also explored a disturbing trend across social media in which Stranger Things fans have repeatedly placed Wolfhard in sexual contexts, including desiring for him to be in a relationship with his costars.


The process is referred to as "shipping". Are finn and jack dating with fans "shipping" Wolfhard and his year-old costar Millie Bobby Brown, others have begun to obsessively "ship" Wolfhard and his year-old It costar Jack Dylan Grazer, posting photographs which appear to suggest the pair are in a gay relationship.

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"It" Stars Finn Wolfhard and Jack Grazer Are Being Shipped by Fans — but There’s a Problem

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At least to the point where Jack may have felt inclined to chime in on all this fan speculation. It reads, "idk if this is serious but just to let people know, if u are actually taking reddie seriously then uumm idk what to tell u because it's obviously a joke and people need to stop saying that i'm gay and have a crush on finn.

While it's all right to ship are finn and jack dating characters, it's important to remember that actors are not the same people that they play in movies or on television.

Finn Wolfhard and Jack Grazer are not friends anymore?

There's a distinction between the two, and when fans overstep that, these performers can become uncomfortable, which seems to be the case with Jack. Actors should be able to be friends without fans reading too much into that or impressing their own desires on the actors.

FaCk Moments (Jack Grazer & Finn wolfhard)

BuzzFeed reached out to both Finn and Jack for comment. Finn's reps said that he was unavailable for comment.

Are finn and jack dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)