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Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Unfortunately, at the time I was not able to speak on it and people were allowing the speculation to go around. Many guys would want to smoke some few puffs before having intercourse think Beyonce and pharrell dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Williams as well as jay-z attend pharrell's no. SG: So you and Beyonce did have a sexual relationship?

Beyonce and Jay Z Dated These 11 People Before They Met

LL: No comment Whether he did or didn't beyonce and pharrell dating it, Locke still takes the L for letting her go before anyone else had a shot. Cuff your chick bruh! Sean Paul The media is always ready to start relationship rumors when two artists or actors get beyonce and pharrell dating and work on a project.

So when Beyonce and Sean Paul got together to record "Baby Boy," many of us side eyed the situation but never really thought anything of it. However, rumor has it that the Reggae star Sean Paul is writing a biography, and he admits he dated Beyonce when she was taking a break from Jay-Z. Meet pinay singles an old interview with Vibe MagazineMarques even said himself that he use to date Beyonce!

I'm going to assume this one is just a rumor, because Pharrell wouldn't be that that dumb to sneak past Jay on one those late night studio sessions would he? Inthis guy started getting a lot of attention claiming to be Beyonce's prior-fame first love and first little boyfriend. SG: Ok, Define friends. LL: No comment. Some speculate that Beyonce dated Marques Houston for a while and that he was the one who called it quits, but there haven't been definite statements that support this theory.

Rumors Rumors Rumors. After finishing their duet back inthere have been allegations that Bey and Sean Paul had romantic feelings for each other, but none of them ever made a comment on this.

Spiteful Tongues. Photo : cdn3. The latest gossip states that Beyonce allegedly had a thing with her bodyguard Julius in order to push her husband's buttons - various media outlets have reported that Bey cheated on Jay Z, but it turned out to be just a hoax.

All of Beyonce's Love and Hookups

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Men Who Dated Beyonce Beyonce and pharrell dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)