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What kept me hooked was the group of people surrounding Korn and Knock. So yeah, this is just me clarifying that the chemistry between Max and Tul is unbeatable just like how I knew and already stated! Shen Wei did not move. Posts Ask me anything Archive. Max and tul dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

It was fan fiction-ish. It took so long for the conflicts to be resolved. Same issues kept on occurring time and time again. The plot was more complicated than it needs to be. Character development? Some characters were frustratingly unreasonable.


It was messy. Being logical or practical is never an option for some at all until they reached the finale. We all knew how max and tul dating love story of Korn and Knock ends because it was already concluded on Bad Romance. Since Together With Me is a prequel, I can just imagine how difficult it was for the writers to come up with a solid script to keep things interesting between the two main characters prior their relationship.

It must be very challenging for them especially right now because, in this day and age, there are so many BL series coming out.

MaxTul talking sweetly to each other in english

Which has the best storyline? Who were the best in acting? Which couple has the best chemistry? And so, this is why Together With Me stood out to me.

The intimacy. The passion. The burning desire. This is the reason why it soared so high for me despite my quibbles. The intimate moments between Korn and Knock were exquisite. Max and Tul may not be the best actors out there but they have executed the love scenes so gracefully. They were natural and believable. The kissing scenes were not just for fan service.

These moments were on point and remained relevant to the story. I highly commend Max and Tul for their commitment to their roles. Not all actors have the guts to do what they did on screen. They elevated romance to a new level of intimacy. From being the underdogs, they have succeeded in cementing their place in the Thai BL max and tul dating by setting a new standard.

The series as a whole was brave in general in the sense that it breaks out from the typical formula of BL series. At least four important characters on Together With Me were profiled as gay.

We have Korn max and tul dating most sensible male character, the innocent Farm who just discovered his wild side, Bright the player and Mew who just kept growing on me every episode. They may seem to portray either the good side or the bad side of the lifestyle, which is subjective.

But at least, finally, there were no pretensions. Everything was legit. It was a complete game changer. The true heroine of the story was Yihwa. I love Korn and Knock so much but I adore Yihwa because she made everything happen almost single-handedly. She is now one of my most favorite female characters ever. And it is only fitting that she wrapped up the show.

Without Yihwa, no one would gather their housemates around in times of crisis. Max and tul dating With Me has made me smile and laugh more than it made me fall in love because the real romantic scenes just happened towards the end. What kept me hooked was the group of people surrounding Curvy mature women and Knock.


They were not just supportive and protective towards their friends. The sound effects, as tacky as they seem, while delivering the punchlines were spot on. Their comedic moments together made me want to join their clique. Their chemistry as a group worked so well and at the same they were all memorable.

In the end, it was a wonderful ride. In my opinion, aside from the unquestionable chemistry, Max and Tul are max and tul dating most good looking couple. They are so gorgeous.

Thai actors Max Nattapol Diloknawarit and Tul Pakorn Thanasrivanitchai

They are on the top of my list right now in terms of looks. But what made this series special and stand out from the rest of BL series is that it was never afraid.

It was daring and fearless. And Together With Me has gone all the way and delivered. No holding back. Likes Comments 3. Like I hope Knock grows up though. Yes he's such a child always playing games and stuff.

Tul Pakorn Thanasrivanitchai

Join the community. I first saw the episode without the subs so I thought for sure when they were all together they were trying max and tul dating discover who could max and tul dating beaten Korn, Knock and Farm, but no Farm didn't say anything!!!!

I see those things as holes in the plot. They don't really matter to the storyline because we know it's Pleng the culprit, but still it would have been nice to see more, I dunno, better links or better weaved Well I wouldn't call that gay. Again, it's not a gay thing Yuri Wara gives a comment about him in her subs that he's a real jerk in the book soo Unless they say it with their own words I don't think how they connect with each other as characters on the show or in pubic determines whether they best dating chat app gay or not.

I think it's cool that the guys have a good relationship on and off screen. Sure if they came out as a couple I'd celebrate, but if they don't, I'd still enjoy them as actors More and more I'm disappointed with Bright, at least with his interaction with Farm Yeah we would want an HE for Farm Farm is so cute and adorable, hopefully, he can make Bright change his ways; after all this is a series and not RL haha.

I agree with that, but what are your thoughts on Bright giving advise to Knock?

O Shippe do s├ęculo| Max & Tul

Do you think he will give sound advise or just make sure his cousin will follow the straighter path as to leave Korn alone and max and tul dating vulnerable? I'm really wondering this and can't wait to see. For Farm's GF, gosh really?! She's a player herself!! And Pleng, "something fake won't last long" you got that one right you fakish manipulative hypocrite Well, Bright named it for what it was and Knock acknowledged that was what it was.

Did he say it's not gonna happen or take a chance? Did he advise him based on the fact that he wants Korn gay man to gay man. How much longer do we have to put up with her?

Max and tul dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)