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A slider bar lets you define how large a torrent can be as well as how many seeds are present, and everything else will be removed from the results. That means you download the PAF file to someplace convenient like your Desktop then go into the PortableApps menu and choose Options and then Install a new app choice to get a standard Open File dialog. If you happen to be working with a well-behaved program, if you change the environment variable that the program inherits to point somewhere else, it will store its data there. If they do not, that is the issue. Make it automatically close when the window is closed. Frostwire chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

After you've made the initial search, you can uncheck the sites you don't want to search through, and the results will frostwire chat room change. A slider bar lets you define how large a torrent can be as well as how many seeds are present, and everything else will be removed from the results. You can also permanently filter out any keywords you never want to show up in the results, as well as all adult content.

FrostWire Portable 4.17.2 DevTest 1

These options are even more specific than some of the torrent websites I've used. The ability to download certain files out of a torrent without downloading the entire set of files is also a feature I really appreciate. FrostWire surpasses these restrictions not only in the frostwire chat room that it doesn't limit your downloads in any way, but also because you can download even just one file from a torrent of thousands if you so frostwire chat room.

WiFi sharing is something I haven't seen in any other torrent client. This means if you have a computer in one room enable a video file to be shared, any other computer running FrostWire from inside your house can also view that file.

Enabling this is as easy as clicking the padlock icon next to the files you want to share. I would just love and use this a ton more if it had some sort of way to get around firewalls. I am no network security professional but I have seen people use proxy servers or something and somehow got it to work. So that would be will i find true love tarot. Thank you. Other than that, Great app!

Since it is a firewall's job to block things like that, the folks who run firewalls prefer that firewalls not be too easy to bypass. There are proxies that sometimes work I've heard that Tor is one. But it's also the case that it sometimes takes a few tries to find one that frostwire chat room for one firewall, without confidence that it will work for another. I can frequently make ssh work with a tunnel, or set up a PPTP VPN, but that's with a server I rent, or my home computer, and I don't think I'd want to open it up to several million of my closest friends.

Frostwire should work to a certain extent if the firewall is restrictive. In most such cases, it will be able to make outbound connections, but won't be able to accept inbound ones. The portable version of Frostwire is neither more nor less susceptible to being blocked by a firewall than the non-Portable version. In other words, the primary responsibility for making it work better is the Frostwire developers.

If I could come up with something to help, I would. I was using this for quite a while and then I decided, why not try compressing it? So I guess it's not compression friendly? If you were using the PortableApps. If frostwire chat room tried compressing it some other way, you might want to say what you did that didn't work, so other people don't try the same thing.

I think I did use the Compactor on the jar files already. In any case I would certainly do it when bundling it up for a pre-release or release version. Jar files are just ZIP files, so you can rename the something.

Is that what you tried? You know that you shouldn't try to compact the launcher e. The other thing to check is that you didn't accidentally move the jar files around. The program does expect them to be where it left them. But it should not notice if they are re-compressed at a higher compression setting.

Actually, you can compress it, it just won't work if you do. Can you describe what it was you did that failed to work? Not much you can do about either error. It seems Frostwire checks hashes, and does it in such a way that compacting the file makes the file unusable. I suppose we could experiment with reverse engineering the GUILoader. But that is beyond the scope of John's compactor.


This app works really great, it didn't crash by now, nothing. It works really perfect. I think it's ready for the next step. John says he wants to take Java apps in a different direction, so apparently there is no "next step" until he tells us what it is. I am aware that there is a new version of Frostwire available.

There was a small change in how it handles its settings frostwire chat room -- I think it was unintentional. Anyway, I've got that working, now to figure out how to add language support to the launcher. I hope to have a new version available for your consideration in a day or so.


The new 4. Installed nicely, ran nicely, but launched adware installer on attempting to play corrupted mp3 files so the media player must not handle bad headers correctly. I guess this is a buffer overflow desiring god christian dating This is something that you can replicate consistently with one file? Or does it happen with several files from different sources.

That'd be my guess. But running an adware installer must be something the MP3 file brings, frostwire chat room something in Frostwire that gets triggered by a bad header, frostwire chat room. You might do well to go to the Frostwire web site and offering to upload the offending MP3 file so they can figure out what's going on. I'm afraid I deleted it straight off. I think it also happened with another media player. As I recall I had searched for earth wind and fire and got something called changing times.

Suspect something like this was going on. Some features of Frostwire may not work as expected". There are no Trojans in this release, I've been using it for sometime. This is called a false positive. I tried copying in the newest version of FrostWire from a local install since I got tired of it asking to update and there doesn't seem to be a way to disable the nag The launcher complains that it can't find FrostWire.

Not sure what the problem was, but the new download link above should update to the It installs just like any other PortableApps program. That means you download the PAF file to someplace convenient like your Desktop then go into the PortableApps menu and choose Options and then Install a new app choice to get a standard Open File dialog.

I seem to have frostwire chat room solved my first hurdle: It kept asking for something on startup, but downloading it again seems to have fixed it. Now, it says my save folder isn't valid or I might not have permission.

Frostwire chat room I need to create a separate save file, and how would I do that? Under "Tools", you do need to specify a place for the program to save files, and the place a folder needs to exist. If setup didn't make you save folder that exists and that you can use, you can specify such a location yourself. I generally make sure it is an empty folder separate from any folder frostwire chat room is shared.

You probably don't want to share files until frostwire chat room have had a chance to check to make sure they are complete and not something nasty. It would also make sense for the save folder to be on the portable drive, so you take everything you need with you. It sounds like you have discovered a way to install the program that was not anticipated, since you are running into so much trouble.

If, for example, you could be a bit more specific about the "something" it asked for on startup, we might be able to fix it for the next person. Highlight everything in the Notepad window ctrl-ACopy, then Paste it here.

By the way, you used the phrase "save folder" and "save file" as if they were the same thing. They aren't. You need to specify a folder when it asks for a folder, and a file when it asks for a file. I'm really happy with this app, except for one thing; When it starts up it creates a folder called "FrostWire" in My Documents.

I Have Tested the Application. It works fine. But the Folder called Frostwire is made in My Documents. But I have have heard that it is nessary becease Forstwire can not save his files with you want to Download. If you tell it to save files there, it will. But it should try to save to the Data folder if you don't tell it otherwise. If not, let me know.

FrostWire Review

You should be able to control where Frostwire puts all its files. If not, it frostwire chat room be reported to the Frostwire folks. It does look like it is always created.

I'll have to look to see what the best way is to remove it when it is created. Although the current version released of Frostwire is already 4. Better use this paf than other format Thank you for your good work Finally, I can have a portable Frostwire with paf. Is this project has been cancel or there is a chance that it will be updated? I think Frostwire is a good application for filesharing. Wish you the best. I stumbled back in here while looking for a replacement for KCEasy Portable - which is no longer supported and has pretty much become unuseable.

I found that the FrostWire build posted here basically works; but the app itself is outdated. Tired of continually being nagged to update, I found a way of extracting the binaries from the current installer which is now 4. I have used them to replace the contents of the APP folder of this portable version, frostwire chat room. The result is a current build of FrostWire using the old portable loader. A little risky perhaps but it does seem to work if you want to give it a try.

According to the Frostwire forums. Could someone help me out with this? What's the difference between just installing it to your flash drive with the current version form the site and the portable version?? If I remember correctly, the "regular" version stores settings and such in AppData. The "portable" version here simply redirects those settings to the USB drive. Much cleaner. The portable version's launcher isn't magical.

Just replace the old version with the new version of the same name. Skip to main content. FrostWire Portable 4. Log in or register to post comments. Frostwire chat room post. March 2, - pm. Last seen: 1 year 5 months ago. Joined: Use of the Java Portablizer is recommended.


It looks like it puts its settings into the Frostwire chat room directory tree, but that's one thing to check during beta testing. The launcher creates Shared and Downloads under Data, if you'd like to use them change them if you like. The launcher updates the properties file that points to the downloads and shared directory, if you move your drive and the drive letter changes assuming you put your downloads and shared on your USB drive.

If you are updating from a previous beta, please remove all directories after saving any downloads and reinstall from scratch. When first installed, the app currently asks for a chat room nick; please supply something there, even if you never expect to use the chat features. Sorry, I haven't taken the time to bring it up to the latest PA Platform installer and launcher standards. If the frostwire chat room team were to take an interest in this project, I would make that a higher priority.

As it stands, it seems to work pretty well.

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The launcher now sets up both the program only notices the one it is looking for in case a future version reverts to using the Frostwire name for the variable.

Jacob Mastel. Last seen: 2 years 2 months ago. Glad to see sombody did it! I've just downloaded it I'll post tomorrow with my results. March 3, - pm. Last seen: 7 years 2 months ago. So far so good. Thanks Nathan. March 4, - am. Last seen: 4 years 2 months ago. March 4, - pm. Quick question. As in LimeWire, the FrostWire skin may also be changed to a variety of different colors.

Frostwire, similar to LimeWire Proconnects to 4 ultrapeers. The Non-pro version of LimeWire only connects to 3. This means that both Limewire Pro and Frostwire have faster download speeds frostwire chat room broader search results. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Frostwire chat room.

Frostwire chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)