Telenor chat room number

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Some of our Chat admins Team. Simply send Search to to find people whom you can then invite for a private chat. Chat Rules for chatting in Telenor Chat rooms Don't use abusive language. End of Call Notifications You can receive notifications after every call A is a unique opportunity to get to know quickly and easily with singles from all regions and all ages. Telenor chat room number [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

You can also do private messages to new friends. As sharing numbers create problems so we advise you to join chat and you use the menu to check the user list and options available. You can also join talkshawk chat room free without registration. Talk shawk allows you to do live call to each other and send and receive voice messages free.

Just type the Nick in the website chat widget and press enter.

How to Check Telenor Call And SMS History

It is free and easy no hidden charges from any user. To start using the service simply SMS Chat to This step is omitted if you have already created a profile.


SIM based users will get an option to enter chat rooms as part of their search results. How do I enter a chat room to chat publicly with other users? You will be sent a list of chat rooms in response to the Chat command.

telenor chat room

Please reply with the ID of the room you wish to enter and chat in. How do I start chatting with other users in a chat room? To chat with other users in a chat room simply reply to the message you receive when you enter a chat room or to any of the messages you receive while in the chat telenor chat room number.

How do I get a list of people who are in a chat room? To see who is in the chat room you are in, reply to a message you receive from the chat room with the List command. How do I leave a chat room?

To leave a chat room, reply to a chat room message with the Exit command. How do I invite another user for a private oneone chat? How can I search profiles to find people to chat with?


To search profiles to find other users to chat with, send Search to and follow the easy steps. Is there a way to filter the search results I receive? Yes there is. Simply reply with the command Filter to the message that contains results of the search you conducted. I am able to chat privately with other users without entering a chat room? Yes you are. Simply send Search to to find people whom you can then invite for a private chat.

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Telenor chat room number [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)