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We are in the process of building one of the best Gold, Silver and Survival forums around. We hope you enjoy the changes that will take place over the next few months : Join our Forum and Community. We created this website not only for gold and silver but for basic necessities and principles. If you are like me, you hate bailouts, our whole financial system and most politicians like Silver chat room Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, who let all of this happen under their watch.


There are many sleezy deals cut that silver chat room hidden from the public, like Senator Dodds favored Country Wide Loan. Who are these people serving, is it the people?

June 14, First and foremost, the Chinese have too much pride Zihao to allow Trump any type of trade victory, and they are still the largest creditor of the United States government.

We may well find ourselves at war with the ineptitude shown by Pompeo. And gold? Gold's value will surpass all imagination.


Needless to say stocks are grossly over-valued Pls see the yields inversions:. The plight of gold has never been associated with sitting presidents.

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Presidents by in large are ineffectual and seem to take credit for previous deeds well done, never to mention the bad results during their tenure Clinton took credit for the boom Bush put in place, and Bush jr. Trump, the jury is out, but his record is clear and will be written in the history books which hopefully will have someone to read them Trump has added approximately 2 trillion during his first 2 years, does suggest that he can not be maligned or blamed for the place the world is in This perfect storm, calamity celebs go dating application 2019 some of us, has been developed since Nixon left the gold standard It is not amusing how everything is seen silver chat room terms of one's political viewpoint.

Many of the posters here do not like President Trump, and that's fine- everyone is entitled their opinion. And it's also true that in any discussion of gold and other precious metals that politics must necessarily intrude into the conversation. But I find it ironic that all things bad are attributed to the current president, even in PMs, though we know that most of the political factors concerning PMs predate this current presidential term, and that the Powers That Be of previous times are diametrically opposed to any and all of Trump's policies.

So I would like to caution those that don't like Trump to curb your animosities that don't really have a place in our discussion of gold to legitimate points,and focus on the metals themselves. There silver chat room other websites better suited to much of the political commentary here, and it probably would no longer deter others who used to read and comment. I hope the other old-timers still check in like myself, and would love to see their thoughts on present Silver chat room matters.

Zelotes, are you still out there? Gold appears to me to be possibly shaking off it's lethargy, and I expect silver to take notice soon.

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Silver chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)