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The Lupus Adventurer has many companions that have encouraged her lupus journey: her husband, children, grandchildren, extended family, physicians, nurses, co-workers, and friends. Latest: July 26 - Happy Birthday Ann2! Marisa is a journalist and author, who launched LupusChick to empower individuals who are living with lupus or another autoimmune disease. Lupus chat rooms blogs [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Newbies Guide To Lupus Included in this category are resources written by members by members and notes from the moderators. We strongly encourage all members to explore these pages. This category will grow over time to include more and more information. General Discussion Open discussion about issues involved with Lupus. Symptoms Discussion specifically related to symptoms you are having. Emotional Support Having a bad day? Are you flaring? Introduce yourself New here? Latest: Diagnosed in Kiewi5Jul 21, Tech and test Use this forum to test post, get used to the board controls and features, and post questions for technical help or advice.

Discussions: Messages: Latest: Footnote medications juneyJun 21, Not Diagnosed Yet? A place for those who haven't yet had a lupus diagnosis, or are having trouble getting a diagnosis Discussions: 2, Messages: 21, Latest: Does this look like a lupus rash?

Newly diagnosed A place where newly diagnosed lupus patients can get advice and support Discussions: Messages: 7, Latest: Questions about bloodwork and symptoms Kiewi5Jul 21, Living with lupus Get lupus chat rooms blogs and advice about living and coping with lupus Discussions: 4, Messages: 37, Fitness and Wellness Chat Room. Pregnancy Chat Room.

Living with Lupus: Managing Your Lupus with Confidence

Additional Items Why Donate? Professional Help. Lupus Chat Room. It may affect the skin, joints, and kidneys. For celebrities under public scrutiny, this can be a burden. People are praising Selena Gomez for being open about her kidney transplant and raising lupus awareness. Kelle Bryan was in one of Britain's biggest girl bands.


Today, she's fighting for people with lupus everywhere. The author, who has fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, among other conditions, talks about her cyclical grieving process for her old lifeā€¦.

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The 10 best lupus blogs

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can affect many parts of the body, including the skin, joints, blood cells, lupus chat rooms blogs, heart, lungs, and brain. Around 1. Lupus is a condition that is difficult diagnose, due to its many associated sign and symptoms mimicking other ailments. The most distinctive characteristic of lupus is a butterfly rash that develops across both cheeks. Although lupus affects mostly women of childbearing age, the disease can also develop in men, children, and teenagers.

Most individuals develop lupus between the ages of 15 and 44 years. Whether you have just been diagnosed with lupus or have been living with the condition for many years, dealing with lupus on a daily basis is not an easy task. Lupus experts and those living with the disease are at hand to provide advice and tips through lupus blogs.


Lupus chat rooms blogs Gorman writes the blog Despite Lupus. Sara was diagnosed with lupus when she was 26 years of age. Determined not to let her condition change her future plans, she battled to maintain her demanding work schedule, positive attitude, and busy social life.

After years of fighting for her life and not living it, Sara realized that she needed to live well with lupus rather than trying to fight against it. Sara began to prioritize living well and focusing on her well-being.

Sara also has a line of fashionable pill organizers. Posts on Despite Lupus include dealing with the holiday season when you have lupus, strategies for an effective doctor's appointmentand eliminating the "shoulds" to live well with lupus. Visit Despite Lupus blog. Shaista Tayabali lives in the United Kingdom and was diagnosed with lupus when she was She began blogging in to develop an online space to record her poetry. After falling critically ill, Lupus in Flight became Shaista's poetic response to living with flirting through text examples life-altering and challenging illness.

Shaista says that her blog taught her how to be heard and how to be her own advocate. It also enables her to be imaginative while living a solitary life.

Recent posts on Lupus in Flight include an interview discussing life with autoimmunity between Shaista and her lupus chat rooms blogs Colette, a reflection of Shaista's day with PICC lines and penguinsand the day that Sleeping Beauty tried to escape the hospital.

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