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Because they're the support, they're the reason why I do what I do. And if it wasn't for them, then I wouldn't be able to travel, and share my music with the world. What was that like putting that austin mahone chat room And, I just picked the best eight songs that I thought would do really well, and put them all together, and made a nice little EP type mixtape project, and put that out for everyone. You have a bunch of awesome features on there, including 2 Chainz and Pitbull.

How did you decide who you wanted to work with?


So I thought 'Lady' was the perfect song to do that. And with 'Shake It For Austin mahone chat room that didn't come until the last minute. They were like, 'Oh, 2 Chainz wants to do a verse on Shake It, so let's make that happen before we put it out.

And then, Juicy J did the hook on 'Love at Night' and he killed that. Bbut I like 'Wait Around' too, because I like to bust out the guitar sometimes and play a little acoustic.

So, it's a project for both of us. Having just released this mixtape, what else can fans look forward to from you this year?


Hey Austin! What's up? How are you? Austin Carter Mahone is talking to me.

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My name is Mrs. Austin: That's a nice name. What's your favorite song of mine? Say You're Just a Friend.

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Say Somethin'. Sooo all of them. Yes, I do! I love all your music and I love you. No, I'm just a fan but I don't consider myself a Mahomie. Not really.


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Austin mahone chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)