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I miss msn. Microsoft looked at the MSN Chat user numbers and the chat room industry on the whole and determined that discontinuing this service would allow us to focus on providing an even better online experience to the broadest set of Microsoft communication services customers. Matt , 25 Sep am. Msn chat room hotmail [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

It was a lot of fun, with fast running conversation and getting to know lots of people. A group of us msn chat room hotmail got to meet up several times at parties. I met up with a girl who came over from America, she came to meet the man she'd met online, sadly it never lasted, but we met up a few times while she was here.

Does anyone know why the Yahoo chatrooms disappeared?

Msn Chat Rooms Closing down

Do you mean MS Comic Chat, which showed your conversations as a comic strip? Hence where the infamous Comic Sans typeface came from. Really neat idea from MS for once msn chat room hotmail one that they appear to hold a patent for, so less chance of anyone else bothering to do something similar in the meantime. Microsoft chat 2.

I loved MSN chatrooms, I frequented the 80s music room and it was so funny at times, we were all online friends and all had that common interest, it was the best of times I also met my hubby in there, so did 2 of my real friends. Entire relationships were born and lived out on MSN.

How our extremely online generation grew up on MSN messenger

Truly pathetic. Song lyrics were a common source of cringe-worthiness, particularly when people had their hearts broken. MacRae tells me that using MSN in this way is a normal part of growing up.

Matt, 25, fell afoul of these particular risks when he told a girl he liked her, only for it to be sent around. It was public humiliation via copy and paste.


Amelia Tait, a writer who specialises in digital culture, had her own romantic troubles on MSN. Suemsn chat room hotmail Sep am. They will go to www. So perhaps this site should be investigated. Sophie25 Sep am. I'm a kid, and i can tell you i wouldn't even bother going out of my way to find another chat site, and anyway there's no point, chat rooms bore kids after like a week but i do think the dollzmania chat needs to be checked out, it's a small site but yeah, you know, it's still a bit.


It is Msn chat room hotmail safe for any teenagers in there there is rarely an admin in their teenage rooms and to be honest their admins are not checked out properly. I hope this site is investigated and closed not to mention the racism in there.

Anonymous Coward11 May am. Chik28 Jul am. Hey, The schools have blocked chat, hotmail and even sending emails to hotmail address. If that is what they call 'secure' I call it prison. Can someone make up some chat rooms that the schools havent blocked. Come on n let us have some freedom!!!! Can you come to saginaw to have sex with me. I msn chat room hotmail 15 years old and my address is storker. Anonymous Coward18 Feb am. If AOL drops their chat rooms they're going to find themselves in a big empty place.

MSN may soon discover the same thing. If they remove the unique features that their service provides people will abandon the large ISPs for local services or cheaper ones like Chat room. Oh, and kids will always find places to chat. It's adults who are clueless about such things.

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msn chat room 0_o

Aol chatrooms are a whores palace of hook ups. One scroll through the private chatrooms and its easy to see that Aol quietly endorses these chats because without them, no one would subscribe to their service other than senile grandparents without a clue how to turn on the computer to begin with. Mike25 Sep pm.

MSN Closing Chatrooms - Let Others Deal With Bad Elements Online

Sorry about the stars More a lick than a promise eh! I reckon now closure of chatrooms, then afterwards e penfriend channel via email, then casual dating free penfriends, then it will move to free date sites, Java online chats unless chatline closure dealt with these Then message boards and forums. The thing is the services ain't the darn problem, it's how those who run them govern them and restrict the users.

I'd much rather eat it first than trust them to look after it I can see that the next move up the line will be to stop residential Internet and cyber cafe usage and ask business's to use a specialist equivelent msn chat room hotmail use for strictly business purposes. Internet for the normal public joe will be dead!

Nothings impossible The governing of the Internet should have been sorted out at the start, it's no good shutting services now!

It's time to start figuring out strategys to govern all this software in a far more effective way Why don't the conmpanies who run chatrooms ask users to suggest ways to govern the chatrooms as obviously the ones in charge ain't intellegent enough to msn chat room hotmail out this problem by themselves What's you views Mike.

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September 29, Manchester Evening News. The Internet: The Missing Manual. They should bring back msn back because i want to msn chat room hotmail in to msn again. Pros: I want it back. Cons: I need to talk to my fri ends.

Msn needs to be brought back. I miss MSN, it was a great way to chat and talk through video to family or friends, it was easy to set up and also for people who had little knowledge for computers, it was a msn chat room hotmail way to communicate and set up.

Pros: Everything about it. Cons: Bringing it back would be a great improvement More. I want it BACK. I could set sounds on it so when they came on I'd hear it. Pros: The sounds I could put on individual people.

Msn chat room hotmail [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)