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I decided to go on a quest to discover what people were really wanting to talk about online and how much we are willing to divulge to strangers. Each person who went on the site was given a pseudonym that was randomly generated. I nominated to be a listener. I thought it would take a lot of small talk to discover what people were really looking to vent about.


Most people dove straight in. How are you going? Instead of the stock answer response we usually give in real life good, fine, alright, tiredI had real answers. The first few people I talked to had similar conversation topics. College aged 18—23 white guys speaking openly about their insecurities.

There was nothing revolutionary about any of these conversations.

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They were bland stories. The typical indie movie story where an outsider white guy has no real connections and overthinks everything. But I soon realised that there were more people on this website than the first three young guys I talked to.

It was most people. These stories were anything but bland. I talked to a US man struggling with severe medical symptoms that made life almost impossible. This seemed almost absurd to me, given the very different health system here in Australia. May be you love X-Factor? Share the link with your friends and start talking about the show as it's happening. Ask your friends to invite other people and soon there are 50 people all taking about X-Factor.

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You only need to pick a username and set your gender. Not only does this make it quick and easy to use but it's very secure and private. You can also choose to chat with foreigners and have a world chat!

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Play a little game to start your conversation! Say goodbye to embarrassment! See who is the most popular girl! Let voice deepen your relation!

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In this free chatting app, you can find new people nearby who share your interests and want private chat now! Do you want to find someone to chat when you are insomnia? Do you want to have a world chat? Let's have a random chat! No matter where just want to talk chat room are, you can use this FREE chat app to free chatting with strangers and have a private chat and talk strangers!

Sweet Chat is a free chatting app to make friends online and meet new people nearby. You can even have a world chat to make friend all over the world! No one knows. And while not all of us can hop out of bed and rush to a therapist for help, we can help our own selves.

One way to do so is by going for free online therapy which can work as a depression treatment. Online free therapy for the depressed provides an avenue to talk about your feelings and try to overcome loneliness.

After all, the vices of loneliness are not unknown.


In a chat depression roomone may not be able to find a depression curebut they can find people who are willing to listen to their woes without judgement. Moreover, you can also go for a free anonymous online therapy chat. This way, one can talk to normal people in online chat rooms depression or seek out a way to talk to a therapist online free without exposing their identity. Several people prefer anonymity because they fear people using their problems against them or laughing at them.

Just want to talk chat room fact, that may contribute to further depression. It is also a good idea to talk to someone about depression online because that way one learns to socialize.

As human beings we are hard wired to socialize and constantly be on the lookout to find someone to talk to. Sometimes you might feel alone in this world even though you may have family and friends but just want to talk to someone out of you current social circle. It is only humane to find yourself thinking over and over "I need someone to talk to" and if left unchecked can further develop into something that might need therapeutic help. If you have been searching for someone to talk to and have been unsuccessful in your attempts.

We implore you to not lose heart and women personality yourself someone to talk to before it's too late. This chat room being the best place to start looking for someone to talk to we have some suggestions that we think can be helpful if you want to find someone to talk to.

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At TalkWithStranger you can initiate a conversation and talk to someone by choosing any chat room that you like and talk to someone. Teenagers might want to talk with teenage girls and teenage boys, they can do that in the free teen chat rooms or kids can enter a kids chat rooms to find someone to talk to. You may want to talk to someone on the free random chat room like a total stranger. We have a singles chat room where you can find someone to talk to or a chat room to chat with girls.

Talk to someone in live chat rooms and chat about whatever you wish to with the person of your choice.

Just want to talk chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)