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June 12, at am. I have considered getting another but I know that there will never be another like her. Pet Grief Support and Candle Ceremony. Pets rely on family members to decide difficult medical health questions. Pet loss support chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Just an idea. HeartBroken Thank you for letting me know the time of the candle ceremony. I think the forum on chat rooms, or even a thread to post your times when you plan to be on is a good idea. Hi friends! I know once I get over this more I will be in there!!!


If only to help others get through this! How horrible this is. I have never been a person to go online much - I don't even have a smartphone or facebook or any of that stuff and figuring just to post pet loss support chat rooms a learning curve for me Today will be the first day Dominican personality going out - to the grocery store!!

Im not looking forward to it as I have to go by the cat things and cant remember a time I have not gone by there. It will be hard. Ill be at the ceremony tomorrow. Heck, I feel guilty having to leave now to go to the store because I pet loss support chat rooms not read the other posts.

So many people hurting!! It would be great once we are healed a little more to comfort others. I can make time for that!!!! I have felt such comfort from you all in my time of need - we are sharing tears and one day will will share joy when we remember our babies and we can help others when they are sad.

Our babies would like that!!!! We still are going through waves but we will eventually come through and be able to help others better I know we are doing the best we can now. I'll see some of you tomorrow night for sure. Hugs to you all and may our babies play happily today with each other. I will reply to your sparksmom later on, but I'm sure looking forward saying hi to you in the chatroom tonight!

Well done sparksmom for going to the grocery store, I bet that was hard, the first time always is. Pet loss support chat rooms grief stemming from other types of lossthe experience of losing a pet can evoke all kinds of emotions, including guilt and fearin addition to sadness and anger.

Finding more information and learning about how to better cope with pet loss can help the grieving process immensely. Many sites also offer chat rooms, forums, or message boards through which one may communicate with others who are undergoing the loss of an animal.

Sharing the experience can be very therapeutic, and can open visitors up to new methods of coping or ways of commemorating a lost pet. Find a Therapist Advanced Search Professional counseling or psychotherapy services may help individuals identify emotions present in grief and map out ways to honor the loss while moving forward and taking steps to healing.

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If you are interested in searching for a therapist who can help you through grief, you can do so on the GoodTherapy. Below, please see our list of 10 of the best online websites in —excluding GoodTherapy. These sites were chosen based on recommendations from GoodTherapy. If you know of a website you would like us to add to this list, please recommend it here. Please fill out all required fields to submit your message.


Although I know that losing my dog is a part of the circle of life, even just the thought of losing her makes me so sad that I do not even want to have to consider it. I know that she has been such a good girl and she has had a wonderful life, but I struggle with not having her.

Offer Clients Pet Loss Information Before They Leave

She has always been the one happy to see me at home even if no one else was, and to not see that sweet face everyday will be terribly hard. People who have never bonded with a pet like this have no idea the pain it can cause when you lose one of your fur babies. The thing about any pet is that they love you unconditionally.

Right or wrong, happy or sad, they are going to be there for you. So when pet loss support chat rooms lose that in your life, it is so heartbreaking because this is the one thing that you could likely always count on. Sometimes I think that this is why it can be harder to lose a pet more than anything else because that love is always so unconditional.

My Pet Has Just Died, Now What?

I know that where I live there are also some groups that will get together from time to time to work on this particular kind of grief that losing a pet can bring. I think that it is good to work with others from time to time who know the deep pain that losing a pet can give you because those who have never experienced that would never understand that void that losing a pet can pet loss support chat rooms into your life.

IT takes a lot longer to get over than what many would imagine. I will always remember my first dog. I miss her so much. I wonder if she is scared and looking for us, or even if she has forgotten us.

Is she safe? A better place? Oh god, this pain. Grief offers no mercy.

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We are very sorry for your loss. The loss of a special pet can be devastating. We have sources on our website that might be able to help you work through your grief. Name required.

Understanding the Grieving Process

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June 12, at am. June 19, at pm.

Pet loss support chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)