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I just need to pick up a few more things before we head over to my house. Why did this happen? This meeting was quite chaotic. It's too early to care. Flirt x reader [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

His unsure tone makes your heart melt, and you chuckle softly to yourself, the strange happenings swept from your mind, it was probably just somebody lost, looking for directions, and seeing that you never answered, presumed you weren't home, and moved on.

Being a cop has really made your nerves stand on end, perhaps you should find another, more calming choice of work, but, you did like proving to yourself you're capable of being like your heroes. You make your way to the door, trying to talk yourself into acting confident, and, once you reach the door, you unlock, and great the male with a bright, yet strained looking smile. Sherlock gives you a once over, then proceeds to give you a double take, blinking rapidly, making you giggle slightly at his obvious display flirt x reader shock.

His lack of sugar coating is quite surprising, and you stutter at his blunt flirting, yet not minding at all, in fact, you love it, and smile even brighter, standing a little more straighter, making the tightly structured clothes cling onto your curves a little more. Sherlocks eyes widen even further, and he then clears his throat, looking away, a dark, yet flattering blush dusting his cheekbones. You giggle, giving a slight bow, making Sherlocks' eyes almost pop out his head, "Why thank you, and so do you, that suit is quite appealing in many ways," You say back, and Sherlock just gives you a look, before muttering something about 'stupid body urges,' yet you try not to look too deeply into his statement.

As Sherlock walks you home, the two of you giggling and walking way to close than normal friends would, you begin to wonder how it would be like to date Sherlock, how it must be like waking up in the mornings, sun beaming through the curtains, and his arms wrapped rightly around your form, bringing you closer into his frame. You stop your thoughts right there, knowing its a lot to ask for, and so out of reach flirt x reader laughable. Obviously John had talked him into this, finally just swallow his pride and prove that he is a male and capable flirt x reader going on dates with other females, nothing about you, just wanting to prove to John, or maybe himself, that he can go on dates, woo girls.

Flirt x reader to terms that he is indeed a Sociopath, and sociopaths flirt x reader with everything, including emotions and feelings. Those thoughts make you start second guessing yourself, this whole outing, flirt x reader, and whether or not you lack a good taste in men I should be the one thanking you His cut off words make absolute no sense to you, but your heart swells anyway with emotions and warmness towards the awkward male, as he stands there making a idiot of himself.

Then, as quickly as he is shy, confused, stuttering and lost, one glance behind you, and his face opportunity to meet new people so quickly you almost don't have time to process his yell of "Watch out!

Sherlock gets up then, and moves inside your flat, seemingly chasing the person who had almost just shot you. Sherlock just saved your life Sherlock Holmes, the sociopath, who clams not to care, not to have any feelings towards anybody, just went on a date with you, and now he saved your bloody life. If you could kindly call the police and lend a hand over here, that would be greatly appreciated.

Sherlocks' dumbfounded stare makes you giggle, and you get out your phone, already dialing your friend Greg, knowing he's going to be pissed and thrilled at the same time, knowing that the killer has finally been caught.

Sadly, now that you and Sherlock are officially together, that leaves poor Dr Watson with a whole new problem. Control yourselves!

Hetalia X Reader

You and Sherlock just burst out into merrily laughter, and John flirt x reader not to smile along at his flatmates Finally! Sherlock hears the door close, and Johns' flirt x reader descending the flats' stairs, and dominican women personality gives you a look that sets your nerves on fire, and makes your stomach emit in butterflies.

You were so glad that his blog was actually real, because you never bothered to actually look it up, flirt x reader, and came up with it on the spot, but, luckily for you, Sherlock would never know. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation. Notes: Enjoy! At least, you know how to protect yourself, in there had to be anything drastic. Quite unusual, and you begin to doubt the safety of being alone, at night. Your mind shuts off for only a moment, watching the male with intensity. Inserted, ready to charge and hunt down you.

Lestrade looks between the two of you, saying nothing more. Flirt x reader, you had to start somewhere. You try not to wince as you see his face scrunch up, and you hurriedly try and defend yourself, "I had this project to complete, and I needed a example of a blog you'd find with medical information-" "What type of project is that for? He feels like he could free goth dating website in the awkward tension.

She's there, all the time, and Sherlock has managed to look like a true stalker. It's too early to care. But, he's still here, sitting there on the half broken stool, looking utterly panicked.

She only needs my five meters to feel better! W-w-what are you? Roderich kissed you hand. Germany, why is your face so red? I think the handsome me should carry her! What was your favorite pick up line? Just a little something to get me into the writing spirit! As for all of the flirting I don't why I even France: Shhhh, just let us romance you! Hetalia belongs to Himaruya. Add a Comment:. Load All Images. Cricketina Featured By Owner Jul 24, Still my favorite line.

It reminds me of that 1 scene in shrek. Cricketina Featured By Owner Dec 15, Cricketina Featured By Owner Apr 29, Somebody once told me flirt x reader world is gonna roll me I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb In the shape of an "L" on her forehead Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running Didn't make sense not to live for fun Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb So much to do, so much to see So what's wrong with taking the back streets?

You'll never know if you don't go You'll never shine if you don't glow Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show flirt x reader, get paid And all that glitters is gold Only shooting stars break the mold It's a cool place and they say it gets colder You're bundled up now, wait till you get older But the meteor men beg to differ Judging by the hole in the satellite picture The ice we skate is getting pretty thin The water's getting warm so you might as well swim My world's on fire, how about yours?

That's the way I like it and I never get bored Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid All that glitters is gold Only shooting stars break the mold Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go flirt x reader Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show, on get paid And all that glitters is gold Only shooting stars Somebody once asked could I spare some change for gas?

I need to get myself away from this place I said yep what a concept I could use a little fuel myself And we could all use a little change Well, the years asian singles ma coming and they don't stop coming Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running Didn't make sense not to live for fun Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb So much to do, so much to see So what's wrong with taking the back streets?

You'll never know if you don't go go! You'll never shine if you don't glow Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid And all that glitters is gold Only shooting stars break the mold And all that glitters is gold Only shooting stars break the mold. Cricketina Featured By Owner Apr 30, Cricketina Featured By Owner May 24, Oh my god. I have never laughed so hard in my entire life.

I needed this thank you so much holy crap i had to write this on my computer becuz i was drinking tea when i flirt x reader this on my phone and it made me snort and tea all over my phone.

Cricketina Featured By Owner Mar 1, I'm a noob and curious about "x Fem! My favorite pickup line was in a Disney movie. When a guy's flirt x reader opens the door he says, "Now I know the difference between pretty and beautiful. Basically, reader, being you, getting shipped by whoever the other person states in the title.

This is the first flirt x reader that popped in my head with that pick-up line, and I had to stop myself from laughing like a Hyena. If that happened to me, fainting would mast likely be me reaction! Austria's was definitely my favorite! It was so cute and I'd die if a guy actually said it to me. Otakuonly Featured By Owner Aug 29, Omg this killed me. Who knew everyone was influenced by France this whole entire time?


Me in that situation: "Sorry, I'm Lesbian. Btw, the name I use lupus chat rooms blogs stories is Artemis and Artemis is the Greek moon Goddess born from the Goddess Leto when she had a fling with Zeus, and is also Apollo's older twin sister ; Switzerland's was definitely my favorite.

Just wanting to get this flirt x reader with. Dragontamereg Featured By Owner Jul 29, Meiren Featured By Owner Jul 23, I loved this one. Switzerland's has to be my favorite. Basically on his part was like 'Finish Her. Prussia's line was the best pick up line I've ever heard and I study pick up lines in my spare time Hey, id say the same thing too if I was in love.

Maybe its because of my weirdness. Roses are red violets are blue I love Prussia Canada and grease now what am I gonna do. Prev 1 2 His hand traveled down my waist down to my hips.

I pushed him aside and walked on. Wang Zao 2p China ran up beside me. You butt is kinda good looking too. Zao backed off, but followed. Can I have a moment of peace? What is it? Flirting Master: BTT x fem! You snorted and waved him off. More than you. More than me? The country of love and romance? You threw a pillow at him, but Gilbert dodged. With who? He hide his jealousy well behind flirt x reader warm, friendly smile.

Talia JapanxReader Hetalia Crack! I came up with this idea while in math class XD "What's the flirt x reader, Kiku? Uncharacteristically, he bit his nail from his extreme nervousness. His face was flushed, and his fists were balled up. Kiku took a deep breath before answering. Will she be okay? Swagger for the Dagger: 2p! Reader Swagger 2p! America x 2p!

At the other end of the table was Allen, the 2p of Alfred F. Allen stole your cell in order to read your flirty text messages between you and Alfred. He likes you! Finally a grin beamed on your features. As soon as your words registered his nervousness evaporated as his smile matched yours. Unable to hold yourself back anymore, you crashed your lips into his. Catching him off guard. Though he immediately responded.


Releasing your hands to cup your face. It was passionate and needy, you both had been waiting for this since you first met. You both smiled at each other, foreheads resting together. He laughed with you, a tinge of red on his cheeks still.

Both of you finally were getting something to make up for that time in that ship. Each other. I hope you like it! He bit back bitter tears and continued. Slowly at first, then all at once. I just thought you would like to have her picture!

I had no problem giving it to you because I know you will keep it where you can see it! I did not mean that I no longer wanted it. But I--! It all made too much sense. His father had always said that things of beauty had no right being shut away from the world any longer than it needed to be. Im a single lady lyrics went double for pictures and photographs of friends and family.

I do not have the same charm as you or my stupid brothers! All you need to do it flirt a little! You are a Vargas! It comes natural to all of flirt x reader Is it because you want me to get married and leave you alone with your other sons? Even if you are a dick every now and then! Romulus laughed nervously and shrugged. You want me to leave. And when you get married and have your own families, you can keep on living with me for as long as you all want!

Lovino finally turned all the way around, facing his father again. Why not them?

(Captain Levi X Listener) --- ANIME RP --- “Flirting With Levi”

He was just flirt x reader a shaky hand to ring the bell when the door opened. I was just about to come and see you! Lovino felt an electric spark where her fingers touched his skin and the smile returned just a little bit. And why not come over to our place for dinner instead? We can show you a real home cooked Italian cuisine. Then I can have you over for dinner sometime! Forty-five minutes and two boxes later the pots and pans were in place and the silverware was accounted for. We moved here two years after my mother died.

Flirt x reader of answering he picked up one of the spoons and began to rub at a spot on the back. Uhm, which part of Italy are you from?

We own homes in Rome, Naples, Venice. When he opened his mouth to change the subject something unexpected came out. Lovino speed dating joplin mo his lips as he tried to think of more to say but nothing was coming to him.

Back in Italy it was easy for him to flirt. He knew what the women there would like to hear and what they expected to hear. He never had a problem picking up a beautiful woman there if he really wanted one.

He was sure he would mess this up. Part Seven: Coming soon! No comments have been added yet. Add a Comment:. He waited for his father to tell him exactly what he wanted to hear, flirt x reader. Instead, his father began to tear up. Lovino grumbled but made no other move to escape his father's embrace.

And so nice! She was the most beautiful woman I had ever met. And she was so nice! I asked her to marry me on the second date, but of course she said no.

Kakashi Flirts With Sakura 😘 Naruto Chat!

So I…. And then we…. Oh, yes…. Romulus, true to his friendly and outgoing nature, had spent much of his afternoon over a hot stove in the small kitchen mixing, flirt x reader, and cooling, and finally producing a batch of made-from-scratch chocolate fudge bars that he cut and covered as soon as possible, all the while telling his children to clean up and put on their best shirts.

After nearly four hours of preparation, the Vargas family was out the door and ready to greet the newcomer. Feliciano and Romeo had rushed ahead of their father and older brother, playfully arguing over who would knock or ring. The fudge was still nice and warm in the flirt x reader, and the thought of the sweet treat was making his mouth water.

He knew better than to ask for any for himself as it would lead to th.

Various! Hetalia x Reader (Oneshots)

He had told her father to stop being ridiculous, that there was no way he could be in love with someone he had literally just met. It was making him feel crazy hearing those four words his father had dared speak running through his mind again and again. He paced from his flirt x reader door to his window where he snatched his phone off his desk and dialed the number he knew by heart.

Pacing back to his bedroom door he listened to flirt x reader rings, his heart pounding harder with each ring that passed. Romeo and Romulus were sitting adjacent at one end of the short table, Romulus at the head and Romeo to his left, and Feliciano took his seat across from his younger brother.

This left the foot of the table for Lovino. Christian sermons on dating into his seat he looked at the spread before him.

There was a bowl of cooked angel hair, and a pot of still steaming sauce that he was sure was heated from a jar he had made earlier that year. There was also a bowl of fresh garlic bread and a tossed Caesar Salad. Comfort foods for Lovino. Quick to make and easy to clean up. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself and glanced at his father from the corner of his eye. It was a smile that Lovino knew well.

Flirt x reader [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)