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I forgot that I even entered it, until Thursday evening, when I got a call from a random number while I was at a bar. Victoria Marsh's dream has always been to meet Taylor Swift and attend a concert. Go to an album or book signing. Last week, a friend put a plea on Facebook asking anyone with a connection to help Izzy, who already purchased tickets to the concert, meet her idol. People meeting taylor swift [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Remain calm. Running over to her, screaming, or showing excessive adoration may people meeting taylor swift her off, which may decrease your chances of getting her autograph or picture. Instead, walk up to her calmly, smile, and ask for her autograph politely. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Related wikiHows.

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How to Meet Taylor Swift

Dover Police Department. By Caitlin Keating. The meeting was made possible by social media and documented on her blog, Irresistible Izzy.

Last week, a friend put a plea on Facebook asking anyone with a connection to help Izzy, who already purchased tickets to the concert, meet her idol. Would you like to receive local news notifications on your desktop? Yes please Not now.

6 Amazing Taylor Swift Fan Moments of 2015

I had no idea what was going on, but I guess the other Swifties knew that this was the block Taylor lived on. I guess the fact that Taylor has a huge live-in security team of bad ass dudes means she can do without a useless old Irish guy sitting in the lobby. We took the stairs up to her apartment, and I was sufficiently winded by the top, even though it was only like five flights. They even cared about her cat! We waited on line to head into the apartment, as Taylor greeted everyone and chatted for a minute or two before they headed in.

She was greeting us in groups of three, and when I got to the front she gave me a warm hug and thanked me for coming. I was pretty amazed by how Taylor could pretend to give a shit about any of these stories.

Not only did she seem genuinely interested in this bullshit, she was so good at making them feel like she cared. She was surprisingly funny and self-deprecating. I was super impressed. I think she could tell that I had nothing to add to this conversation, and we were ushered into the living room. I snagged a couple of pepperoni and mushroom pizza slices and started to give myself a tour.

I was pleasantly surprised at how chill they were with all of us milling about. There were plenty of security guys present, but four of the rooms were open to free black dating site, and we were allowed people meeting taylor swift stroll around as we pleased.

I checked out what type of booze she people meeting taylor swift stocked in her bar little bit of everything.

I looked at all the Polaroids she had on her wall from various tours.

Police Department Helps 13-Year-Old Girl with Down Syndrome Battling Cancer Meet Taylor Swift

I took a piss in her bathroom. The whole apartment smelled like a unicorn vagina; it was heavenly. I was starting to get into this. Again, a lot of the adeens in the crowd were throwing some pretty bizarre shit at her, and she handled everything amazingly. She had Z on her speakers the entire time, and while we hung in the kitchen, her new song came on the radio. Taylor got crazy excited as did all the adeensand to my immense chagrin, the whole kitchen turned into a dance party. At this point in the day, I was so god damn sick of spontaneous dance parties.

Taylor danced over to the area I was standing, and started doing her sexy fun dancing people meeting taylor swift, and I had no idea what the hell to do. Impregnating her in front of her father and security team is not a risk I wanted to take.

I danced around the best I could, and have never felt more awkward in my entire life. After all the pics were taken, that was it.

People meeting taylor swift [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)